How And When To Sign Up For Medicare

How And When To Sign Up For Medicare

If you are considering signing up for Medicare and insurance coverage, we have some guidance to make this go smoothly. If you’re about to turn 65 you can begin to connect with Social Security 3 months before you reach 65. If you are 65 or older and have continued working and are on still have employer-sponsored health coverage, it’s timely to connect with Social Security a few months before you expect to leave your employer’s plan. In either case, you will connect with Social Security to confirm your entitlement for Part A of Medicare and to enroll in Part B. Eligibility for Part A, the in-patient benefits of Medicare, is typically automatic by age 65 after payroll taxes have been paid for 40 quarters or more; Part B, however, the out-patient medical services of Medicare, requires individual enrollment.

Part B Enrollment Forms

Download these two documents as a part of your enrollment process:

Connecting With Social Security

Here are four ways to connect with Social Security and enroll in Part B:

Enroll by Mail:
Complete the Part B enrollment form you have downloaded and mail it to your local Social Security office. The address for that office can be located by going online to find the nearest office: If you have deferred Part B enrollment after turning 65 and have had employer medical coverage during that time, send the Employer coverage form to your employer for its completion since it will be necessary for you to submit that signed form with your Part B enrollment form.

Enroll Online:
When you click on this link ( you will be taken to a page that permits you to “Apply for Medicare Only”. This application is for Medicare benefits only NOT for retirement income. Additional information on this online process is here: While you are online you may want to also set up your “my Social Security account” by clicking here: With this account you’ll be able to review your earnings, see your latest Social Security statement, request a new Social Security card or check on the status of an application.

Enroll by Phone:
If you prefer to use your phone, you can call Social Security (800.772.1213) to ask for a phone interview to confirm your eligibility for Part A and to enroll in Part B.

Enroll with an Office Visit:
Once Social Security offices are open for in-person services, you can schedule an appointment by calling Social Security (800.772.1213) and having personal assistance in starting your Part B enrollment.

Confirmation and Choosing Medicare Insurance

Once you’ve completed and submitted your application for Part B enrollment, Social Security will send a letter confirming your eligibility for Part A and the effective date of your Part B coverage. This confirmation will usually take between 2 and 3 weeks to reach your mailbox. Once you’ve received this confirmation we will be able to assist you in choosing Medicare supplemental or Advantage insurance that is tailored to your unique personal needs.